Der Aa-kerk

Rugpositief (I)
Praestant 8’ Schnitger
Quintadena 16’ Schnitger
Gedekt 8’ Schnitger
Octaaf 4’ Van Loon
Roerfluit 4’ Van Loon
Germshoorn 2’ Schnitger
Sifflet 1⅓ Schnitger/Timpe
Scherp IV-V ⅔ Schnitger/Timpe
Trompet 8’ Timpe
Dulciaan 8’ Schnitger/Van Loon
Hoofdmanuaal (II)
Bourdon 16’ Van Oeckelen
Praestant 16’ Schnitger/Van Loon
Octaaf 8’ Van Loon
Holpijp 8’ Van Loon
Salicionaal 8’ Van Oeckelen
Octaaf 4’ Van Loon
Nachthoorn 4’ Van Oeckelen
Nasard 3’ Doornbos
Octaaf 2’ Van Loon/Schnitger
Cornet V disc. Van Oeckelen
Mixtuur III-V 2’ Van Oeckelen /Doornbos
Trompet 16’ Van Oeckelen
Trompet 8’ Schnitger
Bovenmanuaal (III)
Praestant 8’ Timpe/Schnitger
Holfluit 8’ Timpe
Viola di Gamba 8’ Timpe
Octaaf 4’ Timpe/Schnitger
Fluit 4’ Timpe
Fluit 2’ Timpe
Flageolet 1’ Ruiter
Clarinet 8’ Timpe
Bourdon 16’ Van Loon
Subbas 16’ Van Oeckelen
Quint 10⅔ Van Oeckelen
Praestant 8’ Schnitger
Violon 8’ Van Oeckelen
Octaaf 4’ Van Loon
Bazuin 16’ Reil
Trompet 8’ Schnitger
Trompet 4’ Schnitger
Cornet 2’ Reil
Couplers II to I
Ped to I
Tremulant whole organ
Compass manuals C-c’’’
Compass Rp CDEF-c’’’
Compass Pedal C-d’ (Bazuin without C and D sharp!)
Pitch a’= 478 Hz
Wind pressure 82 mm


1702 New organ with three manuals and pedal by Arp Schnitger for the Academiekerk in Groningen, with use of about ten stops from the previous organ, made from 1674-1679 by Hendrick Harmens van Loon and Andreas de Mare II.
1815 The organ was moved by Johannes Wilhelm Timpe to the Der Aa-kerk.
1831 Timpe replaced the Borstwerk by a Bovenwerk. Minor changes, new Trompet 8’.
1857 Enlargement of the Hoofdwerk and Pedal by Petrus van Oeckelen to suit ‘the demands of the times’.
1920-1953 several and partly substantial changes, for example the adding of a swell box, removal of the Cornet 2’ and replacement of the old Bazuin (1935).
1990 Made playable again by Orgelmakerij Reil after the restoration of the church.
1997 Whole interior of the organ dismantled in preparation for a restoration.
2011 Restoration to the state it has been in at the moment of dismantling, carried out by Reil.
2016 New Cornet 2’ by Reil. Organ consultant was Peter van Dijk.